We're so excited that you have decided to take the next step into food freedom.

This journey will be one that transforms you from the inside–out.

If you've struggled to stick to a diet and now you can see how it is essential to bring the Lord into your journey, then you'll fit right in here, sis!

Review the question below and find links to the recommneded resources.

  • You feel bound to overeating.

    Sometimes you understand why you turn to food but... much of the time, you feel completely puzzled.

    You're ready to get to the bottom of why you overeat and create solutions that actually work.

    Check out "A Biblical Approach to Overcoming Overeating" 
  • You promise yourself you'll do better tomorrow..

    You're tired of letting yourself down but you don't know how to stop the negative downward spiral.

    You're ready to let go your unrealistic expectations and embrace the changes you CAN make today!

    Check out "How to End All-or-Nothing Eating" 
  • You constantly think about your body size .

    A "bad"weigh in can ruin your day but a "good" weigh in can cause it's own ripple effect.

    You're ready to embrace what the LORD says about you and your body without giving up on your goals.

    Check out the "Body Image Freedom Bundle"