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Grace Filled Plate

How to End All-or-Nothing Eating Once and For All

How to End All-or-Nothing Eating Once and For All

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Leave unattainable diet perfection in the dust and discover how to embrace God's grace in your eating.

In this life-changing course, learn how to get off the negative all-or-nothing, black-or-white dieting roller coaster. You’ll find the solution in the Truth that sets you free, as you seek His face and reignite your hope for sustainable change.

Turn your gaze from how far you have to go and focus instead on the real, lasting changes you can start making today.


  1. The 4 sneaky ways all-or-nothing thinking trips you up and why you cling to it anyway.
  2. Why your perception of success and failure is keeping you stuck.
  3. The ONE thing that can move you past all-or-nothing eating, even if you feel hopeless.
  4. What the Word of God says about your struggles (it’s NOT what you think!).
  5. How to make healthy food choices that help you reach your weight-loss goals.


  1. 11 text, audio, and video lessons that guide you on your journey to becoming a powerful Jesus girl.
  2. An All-or-Nothing course workbook in our popular Chew the Word Bible study style, so you can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit as He helps you change your mindset about food and dieting.
  3. Supportive emails with extra nuggets of wisdom that energize you to keep going on your all-or-nothing journey.

If I stop seeking diet perfection, won’t I be overweight forever? The hidden truth nobody’s telling you is that your unrealistic, perfectionistic expectations are keeping you stuck in an endless, frustrating all-or-nothing dieting cycle. They cause you to let go of all logic and make emotional, often unhealthy food choices.

When you learn how to let go of diet perfectionism, you'll empower yourself to stop negative downward spirals earlier and earlier. until they’re nothing but a speck in your rearview mirror.

Be sure to check out Body Image Makeover too! It helps you heal your relationship with your body so you can feel happy in your own skin, even as you make healthy changes.}

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
So helpful!

This course really helped me see how all or nothing thinking not just with my weight loss but just in life in general has really been hurting me and holding me back. Really helpful!! Thank you!

Kim Cummins

How to End All-or-Nothing Eating Once and For All

Abby Veldman
Not alone

Oh wow! I just finished the All or Nothing Eating study and how great it was?! I appreciated the fact that Brandi’s words were communicated so well and that her experiences were so similar to mine that I am reminded that we are not alone in this journey towards righteousness. I found through the study that the more intention I put towards uncovering my true reason why I overate, the devil was on my tracks and I fell for his tactics, but I gained tools to help through her words and wisdom, and His words and wisdom. I would highly recommend this study for anyone who struggles with reaching for food as comfort, stress relief, habit, or just out of pure mindlessness. All of the resource articles provided gave so much more depth as well, that I’m on my journey to freedom.

Krys Stegmann
How to end all or nothing eating

So helpful for those of us who fall into the trap of perfectionism. This helped open my eyes to the ways diets were failing me rather than helping me! Can’t say enough about how enlightening this study has been!!!

More than I expected!

Not only did this help me from an "all or nothing mind mentality", but it also surprised me by deepening my relationship with God. That was not what I expected going into this course. I knew I wanted help with food and wanted it centered around God, but WOW! I feel like I was given SO MANY TOOLS and methods I can use on an ongoing basis. Thank you for creating this program, it's a gift.

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