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Body Image Makeover

Body Image Makeover

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Heal your relationship with your body so you can feel happy in your own skin, even as you make healthy changes.

In this action-packed course, learn how to ditch your negative talk about your body, which only leads you to eat MORE. Instead, you’ll bask in peace and freedom as you discover your worth and value in Christ, without giving up on losing weight!
Take back the territory the enemy has stolen from you and let your God-given beauty radiate the love of Christ.


  1. Stop letting the scale dictate your mood, reactions, and eating choices.
  2. See how your negative self-talk creates your day-to-day diet struggles, and use that knowledge to inspire immediate change.
  3. Create a purposeful plan to combat the world’s lies and values, and replace them with the truth of God's Word.
  4. Connect with what you love and admire in others, so you can start loving those things in yourself.
  5. Be consistent so you can finally see the progress you've been longing for.


  1. 11 text, audio, and video lessons that guide you on your journey to becoming an inspired Jesus girl who knows her worth and value.
  2. A Body Image Makeover course workbook in our popular Chew the Word Bible study style, so you can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit as He helps you change your body image mindset.
  3. BONUS Renewing Your Mind Action Kit, so you’re prepared to fight negative thoughts when they try to sideline you.
  4. BONUS "That's just what I needed!" Video Library of easy-to-digest wisdom and encouragement for your journey to peace in your self-perception.

Does God really care about my body image struggle? Yes, He does! Our creator cares about your deepest needs, and He knows them better than you know yourself. He knows you’re scared that He’ll leave you overweight and unhappy in your own skin.

But when you let the Lord into your body image, He heals you from the inside out. You learn to base your value in His word and find peace outside of your appearance. Then food’s role in your life will take a back seat as you start pursuing what matters to the glory of God.

And you’ll look up and see that you’ve paved the way to reach your goals in a healthy and happy way!

Be sure to check out How to End All-or-Nothing Eating too! It helps you kick unattainable diet perfection to the curb and embrace God's grace in your eating.

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Customer Reviews

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Really Helpful!

I am really enjoying everything I’m devouring from Grace Filled Plates. I found this study very helpful. I really love format of some useful information, teaching and practical steps was followed by the chew the word. I’m amazed at how much God is doing through coming to him with an open heart and asking for His help in these areas I’ve struggled for years and takes a simple verse I’ve read over and over and uses it to speak clearly to me in my struggles with my body image. I know I will come back to this one again and plan to use it when my daughters are struggling.

Kim Cummins
Great help

I am really enjoying the Bibical principles of this faith based program and learning more about what God wants for me.

Very helpful!

I am loving Body Image Makeover. I especially love the deep dive into scripture that has made me slow down and actually pay attention to God’s Word. Thank you!!

Abby Veldman
Very Relatable

I purchased the All or Nothing Bible Study along with the Body Image one as well, and so far with the All or Nothing study, I’m finding I’m not alone in my “ways”. I’m enjoying digging in the word more and “chewing” on certain verses. The videos are short enough to watch in a timely manner and have great wisdom attached to each one. I’m still working through it, but so far it’s been great!

Sara Gustafson
I feel so much better!

This study was everything I needed to hear. I have a deeper understanding of how/why my body image was so negative and only based on my very wrong sense of worthiness. Thank you for listening to God’s leading as you wrote this study, Brandice! This positive process has been life-changing for me!

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