Body Image Makeover

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Body image... like a stone (or a sandspur) in your shoe, it's hard to forget about. 

It can turn a good day bad in a nanosecond. It can cancel special events and ruin once-in-a-lifetime vacations.

And, even if you know every scripture about your worth and value in Christ, it can feel impossible to saturate your mind with the Truth, when media messages are flying at you like a wall of arrows from the world around you. 










You don't like thinking about yourself all. the. time. and you know that God has so much more for you have no idea where to start.

So, you keep trying to "fix" your body image by changing your body, hoping that losing weight will be the key to walking free. 

But, every time you try a new diet, you end up with an even more rocky relationship with food and your body

You try, you fail, you eat. 

The solution is looking like part of the problem. 


I know you're wondering...

Why does body image have such a vice grip on you? And is there any hope to find peace and freedom without "giving up" on losing weight? 

With Body Image Makeover, you'll heal your relationship with your body so that you finally have the mental space and energy to make the healthy changes you've been longing to! 

In this 11-module course, you'll:

  • Connect with what you love and admire in others, so that you can stop being hypocritical toward yourself
  • Understand what best qualifies you for service, so that you can pursue what matters most
  • See the link between your negative self-talk and your day-to-day diet struggles, and use that knowledge to inspire immediate change! 
  • Separate truth from lies and get CLEAR on whose voice you're listening to!
  • Purposefully create a plan to combat the lies and replace them with the truth of God's Word. 
  • Discover practical tips to guard your heart and mind, and find the "lightness" you're craving. 

Your course also has an area for commenting and feedback. You'll also receive a series of supportive emails that will meet you just where you are in your journey! 

It's going to be amazing, Sis'! 


Renewing Your Mind Action Kit

Do you struggle to imagine how you're actually going to change your thoughts about your body?

With this Action Kit, you'll be prepared to fight those negative thoughts that sideline you.

Train your mind for a Body Image Makeover!


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    Customer Reviews

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    A Godly Perspective on Body Image

    I am just starting it, so far I think it is very helpful to seek to be all God wants me to be & not seek what the world says I should be.

    Michelle Bosse

    Body Image Makeover

    It never occurred to me......

    It is amazing that I have been brainwashed for over 50 years... I have been told by society, media, by my mother, friends, co-workers and so called ‘hero’s‘ that I must have a ‘svelte’ figure, that dieting was mandatory for success, that the smaller the size I wore the more acceptable I would be. Never did I take into account that our God created me exactly as He intended- and my attempts at trying to restructure, starve and redesign His creation - a loosing battle- was damaging me and my relationship with my Creator and with the people I love. It never ever occurred to me that nowhere in scripture is the ‘perfect’ thin, beautifully sculpted women’s body described. Thru this study I am learning that women are more than just bodies to be admired- we are to be gracious, strong, prudent, wise, cheerful, faithful, we laugh, we cry, we love- and none of those qualities are found on a woman starving, binging , waking up hating herself ( well maybe crying is! ) and trying diet after diet. Always comparing herself, always judging others. So with Brandices’ lessons, I believe that fueling my body wisely and doing what I can for health, but accepting with grace, the body God intended for me to have. It makes me smile to know that the Proverbs 31 woman probably wasn’t model thin, had a couple wrinkles and didn’t measure her worth by sizes and the mirror!

    Answers from the WORD!

    This course helped me see new insights about my current body image. The best part is that it was through Scripture these things were revealed to me. Praise the Lord His Word never returns void! Separating the truth from lies is a must-do in order to break patterns of unhealthy thinking. I am thankful for this content that includes looking to the Bible for answers and truth in these body image struggles that are very real and difficult to navigate alone.

    Practical and scriptural!

    Saturated with the rich truth of God’s word, practical and applicable tips to implement on a daily basis, and Brandice’s personal story of the Lord’s work and faithfulness in her life was helpful, encouraging, and transformational for me. The Body Image Makeover course helped me step back and evaluate the deeper motivations and desires of my heart in regards to my body image. I trust the Lord to use it to help me walk in the truth and righteousness that can only be found in Him.