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Grace Filled Plate

Who I Am [A Chew the Word Study] Spiral Bound

Who I Am [A Chew the Word Study] Spiral Bound

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Transform your life (and yes, how you eat) when you start to live as who YOU are IN CHRIST.

Dine on 6 weeks of study and experience true fulfillment as you deepen your understanding of who you truly are—IN CHRIST. Each day’s passage helps you internalize and become more rooted in God’s word, as you apply it to how you value yourself.

Dig into the study and let it nourish you—spirit, soul, and body. So you can stop struggling with your self-worth and sate your appetite with the meat of God’s word!


  1. See your self-worth struggles from a spiritual perspective so you can root your true identity where it belongs—in Christ.
  2. Study the Scriptures to find God's specific word about how you value and treat yourself.
  3. Replace the food you’re using to fill your self-worth gap with spiritual nourishment through divine fellowship.


  1. A detailed how-to study guide so you can dig in and savor the word!
  2. A brief weekly teaching to introduce each new topic in your feast.
  3. 30 weekday Bible study worksheets with purposefully selected Scriptures that speak directly to your self-worth struggles.
  4. 6 weekly reflections to help you review and digest your lessons as you allow the Holy Spirit to transform how you value yourself.
  5. BONUS truths from God’s word to nourish your spirit and soul as you transform how you nourish your body.

It’s so hard to see myself as who I am in Christ when I'm still struggling with my weight. What can I do? I get it—you love God and you’re grateful for what Christ has done for you and you want to “do your part” first. I spun my wheels there for years (ok, decades). What I missed was the fact that until I saw myself as He saw me, I was destined to stay stuck because “our strength is only found IN HIM.”

Let me encourage you, sis, to stop letting your weakness speak to your worth. Instead, let it reveal your need for Christ. This study will teach you how to walk out this new way of thinking, day-by-day. When you start experiencing the fullness He has for you, you’ll have the faith and confidence to start making better choices.

Did you know? You can save on shipping by adding Who HE Is Spiral Bound and Armor Spiral Bound to your order! They'll help you chew on spiritual and practical Bible truths, so you can quit questioning every bite and find peace with food instead.

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