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Are you sick of diet and exercise plans that promise the world but leave you feeling like a failure?

If you're looking for a simple plan to show you how to be successful, starting TODAY, you're going to love this planner. 

  • Are you TIRED of hopping from one diet or exercise plan to another?
  • Do you get overwhelmed with all of the healthy things you feel like you "SHOULD" be doing only to end up doing nothing?
  • Do you cherish your FAITH but don't quite know how to apply your beliefs in this area?

The Healthy Habit Planner will guide you step-by-step into making healthy changes that FIT into your life so-- they can TRANSFORM it!

You'll discover how to reach your goals in the way that YOU excel. 

This planner will walk you through the goal-setting and habit-selection process in the same way that the best coaches in the world do. It's all about small, sustainable changes that add up to BIG results! 


  • See how simple it is to apply your faith in your food and exercise choices. 
  • Learn this biggest reason why diets don't work.
  • Discover why small changes outrank lifestyle overhauls every single time. 
  • Ask the questions that will reveal why you really want to change.
  • Discover what healthy eating habits will actually work for you.
  • See why certain "healthy" practices don't jive well with you.
  • Learn how to choose weekly goals that will make you successful. 
  • Walk through the ups & downs without getting sidelined by challenges.
  • Develop your own healthy lifestyle that you can live with, for good!

**You'll also get access to a BONUS Planner Hub with videos and audio recordings to take you one step at a time!**


I am sure you have a couple of questions...

Question #1: Who is The Healthy Habit Planner for?

This planner is created for anyone who is ready to improve their health and fitness but they don't want to go on "just another diet." If you're tired of one-size-fits-all plans that don't take into account your personal preferences and resources, let this planner guide you in selecting your goals and the daily practices that will help you reach those goals.

Question #2: How long will it take to see results with the Healthy Habit Planner?

Right away! You can start making healthier choices from day one! However, if you are talking about weight loss, results will vary. Contrary to what hyped-up diets will tell you, long-term weight loss is a process. With diets, you change everything in one sweeping motion but then most struggle to sustain those changes. With the planner, you change one habit at a time.

Each person will have a different accumulation of habits that lead to weight loss. For some, that loss may happen on week one. Others may need several weeks and several habits to put them into a caloric deficit that will result in a loss of body fat. 

Question #3: What is the format of The Healthy Habit Planner? How will I use it? 

The planner is delivered to you in downloadable, PDF format. Because there is quite a bit of Q&A, you will probably want to print it out in its entirety. However, if you have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can add answers digitally. 

You will also have access to an online member's only Planner Hub where you'll be walked through the process and have space to ask questions and interact with other Grace Girls! 

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Customer Reviews

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I am so grateful for Brandice and her work of Grace. She truly understands my struggles with food. Her Planner and messages via her videos are truly filled with grace - which is what I need. I love to cook, I love even to read cookbooks, I love feeding others good food. Sometimes, especially over the holidays I give into temptation or find myself eating without thinking. Then to pull myself out of those habits and the discouraging thinking that comes with it becomes really hard, and I know I need some help. I recommend Brandice's work to all - it is so helpful to me. Habit based change is the way to go. Thank you Brandice!


Breaks things down into bite size pieces. Helps you see the why and then helps you determine your own how. Great resource!

Works for me

I have been looking for a study that adds God and Jesus Christ into the mix, and I like this one. Most site push their stuff but this one promotes others. It is also an easy read and under stand. I struggle with reading. Thank you


Great resource.

Big change in thought for me

I don’t know why this seemed so revolutionary to me. We’ve been told these things, but we keep returning to measuring a quarter cup of cottage cheese and counting out 14 walnuts. I’m combining Brandice’s habit development plan with weight watchers (which I had already started). My first habit to develop was drinking my coffee black instead of with half-and-half. My second is eating when hungry, and next week I’m going to add stop eating when fall. After that I’m going to tackle eating 5 fruits and vegetables. It just makes so much sense! And Weight Watchers is teaching me about choosing healthier options. Because WW is based on so much freedom now, I honestly don’t see a conflict of merging them both. But I really needed the idea of setting goals to develop eating related HABITS.