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Grace Filled Plate

Healthy Habit Planner

Healthy Habit Planner

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Discover how to reach your goals YOUR way, as you create healthy habits that transform your life.

This simple, powerful planner equips you with the same goal-setting and habit selection strategies that world-class coaches use. It helps you to stop diet-hopping and learn how to make new choices in small, sustainable ways which add up to BIG results!

Learn how to apply your faith to your food and exercise choices in ways that FIT into your life!


  1. Unearth healthy eating habits that work for YOU.
  2. Choose weekly goals that practically guarantee your success.
  3. Navigate the ups and downs of your health journey without getting sidelined by the challenges.
  4. Develop a customized healthy lifestyle that you can live with…for a lifetime!


  1. A detailed goal-setting and habit-planning guide, so you can plan your next 12 grace-filled, transformative weeks.
  2. A detailed "how to" guide for using your planner.
  3. A daily habit planner worksheet and 12 weekly check-in guides
  4. Access to our BONUS Habit Planner Hub, with additional lessons and resources to help you on your 12-week journey to new healthy habits.

Is this a diet plan? Nope! The Healthy Habit Planner teaches you how to adopt new habits and routines that support you in reaching—and maintaining—your goals. You’ll learn how to make systematic changes so you discover what works for you and what doesn’t.

When you create your ideal, customized plan, you can tune out external voices telling you what to eat because your eyes are locked on what GOD has for you!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Amy Michael

I love the courses and taking it one at a time a time. I am reading the one verse and writing down the verse. It stays on my mind the whole day. I am praying every time I need to through a certain situation. It is really taking my mind in a different direction instead of focusing on negative thoughts I am thinking about positive thoughts about myself.

Cathy E.
More peace after 1 week!

When I found Grace Filled Plate my anxiety was thru the roof. Weighing and measuring food, weighing in daily, logging food, exercise and water, doing lessons, reading all my weight loss fb groups! I’d made idols of all that!

After doing week 1 in the healthy habit planner I’d found the peace of Jesus I was missing. Spending more time with Him had gotten pushed back with the idols.

I finally found a goal to be rid of sweets except for a birthday or holiday and I did 9 days with His help and I didn’t miss it. Yesterday was my 69th birthday and I enjoyed ONE portion size of my birthday cake and enjoyed it. It feels so good to have ditched the rules and regulations.

Loving this!!

This planner is wonderful. It makes it so much easier to make lasting changes and to shift my focus from doing everything “perfect” to making progress in the right direction. I’m so thankful for this. It’s so sustainable <3

Sue H
Finally - a real way to develop healthy habits

The prep week materials are just what I needed - time to read, listen to the lectures, and plan my next moves. Brandice is NOT pushy, which for me, is perfect - at my age (mid 60's), that last thing I need is some young fit person telling me what I must do and not do to achieve my goals. Her calm presence is welcoming and reassuring. I'm through prep week, and have goals that I know I can achieve - and build on that will result in permanent healthy changes. If you are on the fence - give healthy habits a try, it is worth it.

April Matter
Keeping on Track

I love the Healthy Habit Planner and rely on the daily planner portion to keep me on track. I need the questions that allow me to assess what went wrong and what went well. It's only through digging deep that I am finding where I have mis-stepped. Everything from Grace Filled Plate is amazing and so easy to use. I upload all my studies (and freebies) to Notability and use my ipad for everything. Easy to keep track of and organize all the great information.

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