"Stories" [A Chew the Word Study]

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There's nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9). 

Yet, it feels like you're the only one who's ever struggled quite like this... 

And, your inner chatter doesn't help either as the negativity snowballs, making you feel helpless and hopeless. 

But, let's think about it: 

  • The first temptation (and failure) of all time was centered around food.
  • God's people, the Israelites, so greatly tested Him in the desert by complaining about not getting to eat what they wanted that He sent venomous snakes among them. 
  • The apostle Peter was instructed by God to eat that which was against the law (kind of like a diet). 
  • Jesus' first miracle was at a wedding feast. He did several miracles in order to feed the crowds that followed Him. And He calls Himself the Bread of Life
  • When we finally return to our Heavenly home, we'll enjoy an incredible feast with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 

And, God recorded these stories through a quill cradled in human hands for a very great purpose.

These things happened to them as examples for us. They were written down to warn us who live at the end of the age. (1 Corinthians 10:11)

As a loving parent, you desire for your children to avoid making the same mistakes that you made in the ignorance of your youth. How much more does our Perfect Father long for us to learn from these examples?

Unlocking God's truth for you through "Stories," as it applies specifically to your journey to food freedom, is His desire for you. 

"Stories" is a 30-day study that is completed over 6 weeks, each with 5 daily journaling pages and 1 weekly reflection. 

  • Each day, you'll go through a series of 8 questions that will help you (through the voice of the Holy Spirit) apply this truth-revealing story to your relationship with food and your body, and (this is the BEST) you'll walk away with a clear action step each day!
  • Then, each week, you'll complete a Weekly Reflection page where you'll see the ink lines between each reading and bind together the hand-written story God is writing through your life

Have you started chewing the Word yet? Be sure to check out the original Chew the Word study: 

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Customer Reviews

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Mara Madarasz
A study that helps with everyday choices

This study is helping me to see my relationship with food differently, and also has been helping me to understand better what it means to walk in the Spirit, and obey His leading in my life. Also, I think it is a awesome tool to teach us how to study the Bible on our own, how to dig out treasures from it, and how to listen to God’s voice as He points out something from the text.

Growing and Loving It!

Each study either teaches me something new or renews my memory of a truth that brings me closer to God. I’m loving the results!

Stephanie Michel-Segnor
Perfect timing

I only recently found GraceFilledPlate and had started the Chew the Word study when Stories came out. I decided to start Stories and join the online group on 2/24/20. I am so glad I did! The passages we read and worked through have been so
Impactful. Not just related to how I view food and my body, but all of life! Had no idea COVID-19 would come upon our world the way it did, but you know what, all these scriptures in Stories were/are perfect for that, too. So much encouragement and vivid reminders that the battle - and the victory - belongs to the Lord. I can not recommend this study enough. Thank you, Brandice!

Becky Smith
Just what I needed!

I had ordered the study Chew the Word over a year ago and had finally started it and was absolutely loving it when I saw notice of this new study "Stories" and it came with a BONUS an online study group. After some debate I put Chew the Word on hold and started Stories. I am so thankful that God led me in that direction. Through these stories and sharing with the other women, I can feel my relationship with Christ growing. I have been wanting this for sometime and have finally found the tool to get me going in the right direction!! I WAS a major stress eater, and in the midst of the covid 19, military momma (x2), a teacher ... I could go on and on :-) but thanks to this study I am developing my relationship with Christ and going to him for comfort - instead of food! Praise God!!

Linda Davison
Going Deeper

This is an amazing study! And if you want to go deeper into your life with Christ, I highly recommend this book for you. You will get to know Christ better but you will also begin to understand yourself better too. This is an amazing tool for your everyday life and for understanding your trouble areas a little better. Pour into you! It’s the perfect time while most of us our on quarantine. Your worth it! Go ahead. What are you waiting for?