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Grace Filled Plate

Reflect & Refocus Workshop

Reflect & Refocus Workshop

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Every single imperfect eating scenario has something to teach you about walking in food freedom. 

You know the moment, the one where you realize you’ve overeaten (maybe even binged) and you’re not really sure why? 

In this 10-minute workshop, you’ll learn how to follow the “crumbs” that come after a food slip and turn those tidbits of information into usable lessons. 


  1. Clear the confusion and put the pieces together to discover your path to food freedom.
  2. Discover the triggers that continually trip you up and create a plan to overcome them.
  3. Walk away with JOY (instead of regret), knowing you have stopped a slip from becoming a slide. 


  1. 10-minute workshop that will walk you through the simple steps that facilitate growth and change. 
  2. Reflect & Refocus Survey worksheets to sort your thoughts and craft your alternative behaviors.  

Are you ready to draw a line in the sand and choose to walk in freedom from your past eating mistakes? 

You’re never going to eat perfectly. Period. And, that’s ok. Perfection is not required for progress. But, learning from your mistakes is…

The Reflect & Refocus Workshop will empower you to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit as He shows you a better path to take. You’ll learn how to meet your true needs and, in time, your desires to overeat will fade.

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