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Let’s Talk, God! About Body Image

Let’s Talk, God! About Body Image

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A Guided Journal to Create Rich Conversations with GOD

Relationships grow through Communication, and God communicates to you through the Scriptures. How wonderful would it be to spend intentional time talking with God about your body image struggles?!

Dig in to this guided journal so you can hear what the Creator thinks about your body image. Unload your concerns to the only One who has the power to transform. You will walk lighter as you feel assured He has heard your cry and is answering your prayers!

Let’s Talk, God! walks you through a four step process: pour out your heart to God, read a portion of His Word, journal what you believe He is saying to you, and pray.


  • Align your body image with who God says you are, so that you can shift your focus from the Creation to the Creator
  • Talk with God about what you are feeling, and listen for His words of clarity and comfort
  • Use this four step process of journal, read, journal and pray - to grow closer to God


    1. 21 Journal pages with spaces to write out your thoughts/feelings and what you believe you are hearing God say to you
    2. A Scripture prompt and prayer for each journal page
    3. Full explanation of journal process with examples included
    4. Appendix of resources and BONUS Bible Study Templates

    This digital product can be used and reused as often as you like. Start your journey to understanding what God has to say about your body image today!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Kristine Mansfield
    Taking every thought captive!

    Oh what a bright light this prayer journal has been. The Bible says to take every thought captive, and this book gives you the tools to do it! I pour my heart out to God about body image and anything else that’s on my heart. Then I read His word, focus my thoughts through that lens, and listen to Him speak into my heart to reframe my thoughts and take them captive to Christ. Thank you Brandice for this incredible gift!

    A New and Much Better Way to Start My Day

    This journal is an innovative way to approach God about the constant eating and food-related issues that surround and concern us as women each day - body image being a huge one. It allows us to pour out our hearts to God about the thoughts and feelings that are plaguing us. Most importantly, it encourages us to take the time to stop and listen to God’s voice in response and what He has to say to us. In addition to the daily scripture and topic, there is an appendix included with additional related scriptures. Thank you so much, Brandice! I love it!


    This journal is a wonderful reminder that we can go to God about anything that concerns us - like body image. It also demonstrates that there are Scriptures that can apply to our situations. And it encourages us to take the time to stop and listen for God’s voice. I love it!

    Jodi W
    An Amazing Way to Start My Day!

    This has become a wonderful way to start my day. I love sitting day and writing my thoughts down, and then spending some time digging into God's word, and then prayfully writing how I think God would respond to my thoughts. What a wonderful way to recognize what thoughts and feelings I need to address. This journal has become a go-to for me in the morning.

    Rachel Sportell
    A Healing Journey

    A beautiful reminder of what is TRULY important!

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