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Grace Filled Plate

"Courses" [A Chew the Word Study]

"Courses" [A Chew the Word Study]

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Feast on the Word of God and let it transform your food, fitness, and body image.

As you feast on 7 weeks of study, you’ll deepen your understanding of how Scripture connects to the way you eat, think and move. Each day’s passage helps you sink more into God’s word as you take one day—and one meal—at a time.

Dig into the study and empower yourself to walk in food and body image freedom. So you can stop hiding and start fully living out God’s calling on your life!


  1. See your food struggles from a spiritual perspective, so you can find true, lasting solutions to your food and body image challenges.
  2. Study the scriptures to find God's specific direction for your health and fitness.
  3. Walk away from food temptations, filled, equipped, and empowered by the Word of God.


  1. A detailed how-to study guide with examples, so you can jump in with both feet!
  2. A brief weekly teaching to introduce each new topic in your feast.
  3. 35 weekday Bible study worksheets with purposefully selected scriptures that speak directly to your food and body image struggles.
  4. 7 weekly reflections to help you review and digest your lessons as you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in your eating.
  5. BONUS Mini-Journal with additional journaling questions and prompts to go even deeper with each week’s topic.

How can a Bible study help me when the pricey, big-name diet programs (and my nutritionist!) have failed? Most diet programs and practitioners give you a meal plan and a checklist of do’s and don’ts then send you on your way. Courses turns ALL that on its head.

With this life-changing, common-sense Bible study, you’ll probe into and surface the underlying reasons for your not-so-great eating habits and negative body image. As you confront and tackle these stumbling blocks, you’ll grow closer to God, stronger in your faith, and more grace-filled in your food choices.

Did you know? Courses is included in the Chew the Word Bible Study Bundle! No more wondering what to do in your quiet time with the Lord. When you get the entire Chew the Word series, you score 17 whole weeks of tuning into God’s guidance for YOU on your walk to food freedom.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

This is an amazing resource! I’m only halfway thru the study and have loved the setup and selection of verses. I’m learning so much, thank you! Highly highly recommend!!

Life Changing

I’ve been seeing a nutritionist for years. I’ve been to WW, OA, Jenny Craig, done Keto, paleo, Fen-Phen, you name it. Never have I ever addressed the reasons why I ate the way I did. This course has been life changing. I feel the emotional weight coming off as the physical weight is coming off and grace is filling in all the empty spaces. Thank you and thank God!!!


Revolutionizing my eating habits and my walk with the Lord!

Kathy H.
His Grace is MORE than enough.

Grace Filled Plate materials are “a breath of fresh air” as it’s ALL about His Grace towards us, in every area of our lives. From our salvation (By Grace we have been saved) to now (Grace for today) we are changed, transformed into His likeness. ThankFULL for a greater awareness of Him and His loving kindness!

Pat Scott

These courses have really helped me understand me and to understand I’m not gonna do everything perfect and to know I don’t have to be perfect that it’s ok. Just keep on trying your best and give yourself grace has been an eye opener. Also I’m struggling a bit right now on self control whereas before it seemed so much easier to be in control. Something I gotta work on through this holiday season. But I will! These courses really keep me accountable more than anything I’ve ever done. thank you

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