"Courses" [A Chew the Word Study]

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Are you tired of being your own biggest roadblock?

You know in your heart that God has better things for you but... you're stuck in a negative cycle with your diet and self-image?

Introducing "Courses: A 7-Course Feast for the Soul."

The Bible study technique that will show you exactly how to get the answer to your food and body image struggles directly from the Word of God! 

This 7-week study will show you 7 key areas to SATURATEwith God's truth so you can walk in freedom and fully live out the calling that God has on your life! 

If you are ready to make a change in how you eat and view your body but you don't want to read one more diet book, "Courses" will help walk you to your Solution through its simple scripture study format. 

  • See your food struggles from a spiritual perspective so that you can find the true and lasting solution to your problems. 
  • Learn how to study the scriptures to find God's specific direction for your health & fitness.
  • Walk away from food temptations because you are filled, equipped, and empowered by the Word of God. 

Not only will you learn to change how you eat, but you will grow closer to God and stronger in your faith in the process. Your eyes will be open to His "very present help in time of need." 

What you'll get: 

In "Courses," each week is focused on one specific area, starting with a short teaching, 5-daily scriptures studies, and a weekly reflection, where you will tie a bow on your week's lessons. 

Here are the "Courses," you'll be served each week: 

  • COURSE 1: THE GRACE DIET. Discover why GRACE needs to be the foundation of all you do. 
  • COURSE 2: GROW IN SELF-CONTROL. Develop this fruit and walk in the Spirit. 
  • COURSE 3: BIBLICAL BODY IMAGE. Get focused on what matters and drop your body image baggage
  • COURSE 4: SPIRITUAL WARFARE STRATEGIES. Suit up and use your weapons of faith. 
  • COURSE 5: TRUE COMFORT FOOD. Find comfort that lasts in the arms of your Father. 
  • COURSE 6: STAYING THE COURSE. Determine how you will handle roadblocks before you hit them. 
  • COURSE 7: SPIRIT-LED EATING. Find God's specific directions for YOUR diet.

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Customer Reviews

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I’m really excited about this study! God is definitely using Brandice to show me how to apply the word of God to this area of struggle. Her products are an answer to my prayers!

Mind Changing

This program is helping more than any before

I learned a lot!

I loved this study and how it got me into God's Word! I came away with two really powerful things: 1. Abide in Christ. I saw that almost daily as I studied. 2. Self-Control is a fruit of the Spirit. I can't force it to grow any more than I can force a tree to grow. I can nurture it and try to strengthen it but really only the Spirit will grow it in me - I can ask Him to do that! Thank you for a great study!

Very Helpful

I had been praying for wisdom regarding weight loss and over all health. I have had success following diets but have always gone back to old habits and regained the weight. I really feel that God directed me to the Grace Filled Plate website to join this study. Having one verse a day to focus on and really dig into made it doable for me. I know God used this study to help me get my thinking on the right track to turn to Him for my comfort instead of food. This study has helped me get back into God’s word and just take it one day (one meal) at a time. And to remember that my body is a temple for God and I do need to take the best care I can of it!

I'm back on track!

This study has been a huge help to me in every area of my life. After several months of struggling with my food choices, I’m finally back on track. There are so many things that have helped me. My prayer life is much improved. I think the things that pops up in my mind as I think about the entire study are (1) ask God for His help - He’s there to help you if you will ask and (2) focus on the the positives instead of the negatives.