Chew the Word Scripture Study [Original]

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You cherish your Christian faith and you long to make BETTER food choices but... don't know where to START (and you're afraid of failing, again).

If you believe that the Word of God is powerful but you haven't experienced the divine health and food freedom you KNOW God has for you...

It is time to CHEW THE WORD!

Chew the Word is an interactive 30-Day (6-week) scripture study that will take you from reader to doer.

As you unpack what the scripture has for you, you will:

  • Begin to make changes in your diet without feeling deprived, as you follow God's gentle leading.
  • Find the confidence to try again even if you failed in the past (because this time is different).
  • Find your own food truth as you follow the 5-question reflection process. 
  • Learn how to use the very thing that has troubled you to draw you closer than ever to God (you'll finally understand why you have struggled all these years!).

What to expect

  • Over the 6 weeks, each weekday you'll be provided with a purposefully-selected scripture verse to study.
  • Then, you'll be asked 5 simple yet profound questions that will teach you how to dig out God's truths for YOU from His Word.
  • Over the weekend, you'll complete a Weekly Reflection where the Holy Spirit can tie a bow on all you've learned.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews
Janelle Stoermer
An amazing study

This has been a great study, and has helped me in my Christian life and health.

I'm finally free!

I've finally found a sense of peace about food!!!! Chew the word has taken the stress of "eating perfect" all the time away. It has taken the guilt away for not "eating perfect".

It has given me a perspective that I've never been able to find on all the research and programs I've done with weight loss therories and plans. The world clouded my food guidelines for way too long. Having God's help and supporting scriptures has made the burden so very light! Thank you!

India Williams
A Blessing From God

The thoughts that Brandice shares in Chew the Word are keys to unlocking the chains of food addiction. Brandice and this study are a blessing from God.

Ruth Christianson

Very great way to start my day.

The REAL KEY to food freedom!!

Take it from a gal who has done Whole30, Keto, Paleo, WW and everything in between: I knew there was an actual answer out there. I knew God did not intend my life to be so controlled by food. Chew the Word has shown me Truth!! I look forward to digging in to God’s word every day now, and He is meeting me and blessing me, and I love Him more and more. Food is not the enemy. Thank you for giving me the key of HOPE when I thought for sure I would die in the dungeon of diet-despair.