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Grace Filled Plate

Chew the Word Scripture Study [Original]

Chew the Word Scripture Study [Original]

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Discover God’s will for your eating and the answer to your food struggles…right in the pages of His Word.

This 30-day Scripture study for food freedom helps you chew on spiritual and practical Bible truths, so you can quit questioning every bite and find peace with food instead. It guides you in finding YOUR "how to eat" in the pages of God's Word.

As you Chew the Word, learn how to shift your focus and habits from self-denial to joyfully glorifying your Creator and honoring Him with your food choices!


  1. Eat for the glory of God.
  2. Honor your body, His temple.
  3. Put on the armor of God when you’re facing down a double-decker brownie sundae.


  1. A detailed how-to study guide with examples so you can jump in with both feet!
  2. 30 weekday Bible study worksheets with purposefully selected scriptures that speak directly to your food struggles.
  3. A clear daily action step for each day of your study.
  4. 6 weekly reflections so you can keep the voice and direction of the Holy Spirit front and center in your eating.
  5. BONUS Chew the Word Celebration Cheat Sheet to help you get in the habit of noticing your wins and celebrating your successes.

Can a Bible study seriously help me with my eating habits? Yes! As a Christian woman, you know that the Word of God is the answer to ALL your struggles. But you’re lost on how to apply God’s truth to your diet.

From Day 1 of Chew the Word, you’ll start learning how to feast on God’s Word so you find lasting freedom from the habits binding you to your refrigerator.

As you change your focus from self-denial to glorifying your Creator and honoring Him with your actions, you’ll take more comfort from your Bible, feel more joyful in your habits, and be more confident (and excited!) about what the Holy Spirit is saying to you.

Did you know? Chew the Word is included in the Chew the Word Bible Study Bundle! No more wondering what to do in your quiet time with the Lord. When you get the entire Chew the Word series, you score 17 whole weeks of tuning into God’s guidance for YOU on your walk to food freedom.

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Customer Reviews

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Brennan Donze
Life changing!

This study is wonderful. I went through the free email study before starting “Chew the Word” and it created a great foundation. You can apply the principles of this study to other areas of your life a well. Highly recommend.

My cravings are GONE!

Today was Day 5 and all I can say is "Wow!! Thank you!!" By starting each day with scripture and completing the daily pages with reflection and peace, it not only is transforming my relationship to food, but daily life as well, which really becomes a heavenly circle of transformation.

Those insatiable cravings have vanished and I have never been so at ease with food. Food isn't in a good or bad category and I am not in a pass or fail relationship with it. It is a gift from the Lord to nourish my body. I think this is the first time in my life that I have been at peace with food. I do know that I must wear the full armor of God because temptation will come. I will remind myself of these scriptures, slow down, retreat if possible and ask the Lord to reveal to me what is really going on in that moment.

I am excited each day to get up at 4:30 am to spend an hour with the Lord, his scriptures and Grace Filled Plate. It truly sets the tone of my day!

Chew the Word Study

Love this study!

lisa watford
most honest program

I love the Chew The Word I have tried many programs without success. I feel confident that this will work.

Laurie Weed
Love the insights I am gettin

Loving the “CHEW THE WORD” study. Getting much insight into my wrong thinking regarding how GOD feels about me and what an “all or nothing” thinker I am. Am glad I am learning about myself.

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