Faith + Food Foundations

This course is being updated and is currently unavailable. You're going to LOVE what's to come! 

It feels like you’ve tried every diet and “healthy eating” plan out there, and yet...

you’re still stuck (like superglue).

It seems like each attempt to “eat better” leaves you with less willpower and self-control than when you started--you can’t help but wonder if you’re just a hopeless case.

I used to feel the same. I loved God and I prayed for His help, but I couldn’t think of how to practically involve Him into how I ate. Sick of struggling and striving, I attempted to bring Him in... and it changed my life forever.

Let today be the day YOU start to break the cycle and take back that territory for yourself!

woman crying over failed diet

...another day passes and food "won," once again.

You had the best of intentions, you really did.

But, the stress of the day, your cravings for something (anything!) tasty, and the guilt to follow left you feeling a Total. Food. Failure. UGH!

Determined to make tomorrow different (read: perfect), you commit to starting the morning, of course. 

And that means what remains of the day becomes a food fest. Because, you better get it all in while you can. 

Woman praying about failed diet

Why are you stuck in this cycle? 

As I'm sure you've noticed (and experienced), we live in a world that is bombarded with mixed messages about diets, exercise, and how we're "supposed" to look.

One moment we're being told to "stop eating carbs" and the next we're served free bread at the restaurant. It can feel like we've lost before we've started.

But, my guess is that you have started. Probably more than once.

You jumped on the latest diet trend only to find yourself heavier and unhappier in your body and in your relationship with food.

You pray for help because you know in your heart that God truly cares about every detail of your life, but you're lost in how to apply Biblical wisdom to how you eat.

It's all too much...

That is, until you see God’s GREAT HOPE shine His unmistakable light.

woman looking up

IMAGINE... NOT being afraid of failure because this time is different. This time, you're going to learn how to build your foundation upon God’s grace that doesn’t falter.

IMAGINE... walking away from unhealthy habits not because you have to but you WANT to.

IMAGINE... never starting another restrictive diet ever again because you have the practical tools you’ve been missing to help put feet to your faith.

Introducing Faith + Food Foundations!

If you've tried diets that leave you worse off than when you started and you're ready to embrace a new approach (but you need some support)-- Faith + Food Foundations is for YOU.

In Faith + Food Foundations, a 5-module course, you'll: 
➤ Learn how to make healthy changes in your diet without feeling deprived.

➤ Find the confidence to try again, even if you are petrified of another failure.

➤ Uncover why diets have failed you in the past so that you can stop that dreaded cycle in its tracks.

➤ Find personalized practical application from the Word of God to believe what God has for you.

➤ Learn how to sneak up on BIG results by making small changes that matter.

If you are ready to make a change, for good, JOIN US and embrace a healthy life--God's way.

woman praying


Faith + Food Foundations is for the Christian woman who's ready to bring God into her health and fitness (even if she’s not quite sure what that looks like).

✔️If you've tried diets that leave you worse off than when you started, and you're ready to embrace a new approach (but you need some support)-- Faith + Food Foundations is for YOU.

✔️If you believe that God wants to be involved in every area of your life, but you need some help applying this to how you eat-- Faith + Food Foundations is for YOU.

✔️If you're willing to put quick (and temporary) weight loss aside and focus on making changes that will last a lifetime-- Faith + Food Foundations is for YOU.


  • In Module 1, Establish a Baseline, you'll start out on the right foot by assessing your habits and fluency in God's grace in your eating habits. 
  • In Module 2, A New Focus, you'll learn about a simple change you can make in less than 5 minutes a day that will help skyrocket your journey
  • In Module 3, Create a Roadmap, you'll define your goals and make a plan to get to them! 
  • In Module 4, Losing Those Limiting Beliefs, you'll challenge the lies that keep you stuck...and create a plan to move past them
  • In Module 5, Create a Pattern for Progress, you'll learn step-by-step how to live out this system for the rest of your life! 


When you join Faith + Food Foundations, you'll get 3 AWESOME BONUSES:

1. COUNT THE COST ($12.97 value)
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Overwhelmed and unsure about how you should eat? Get access to a FULL library of healthy habit suggestions and instructions that'll take the guesswork out of your next best steps! 
healthy habit vault
Receive a special interview with Professor Kendra Burrow and learn how to kill those nasty "mind mosquitos" that have kept you from making progress.
Are you ready to dive headfirst into God’s grace and see how it transforms your relationship with food, your body, and HIM?


Join Faith + Food Foundations and discover ALL that God has for you!  

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