Casting Stress & Anxiety Workshop

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Stress, we know it's terrible for us and feels completely inescapable in this crazy world. 

And, to make matters worse, it feels like stress sends you on autopilot to the pantry. 

Even though you know cookies aren't fixing the problem, they do help you feel better for a moment. And, then worse... so. much. worse. 


It's an exhausting process and the solution can feel as clear as mud. 

But, what if you knew how to cast your care as we're instructed to do in 1 Peter 5:7? Like, in a concrete kinda way. 

In this Casting Your Stress & Anxiety Workshop, you're going to learn the EXACT process I used to calm my concerns, so that I could find peace in trusting God. 

And, the best news is, you can feel relief NOW (well... in 15 minutes after you complete the workshop). 

It's not "magic," it's the living and active Word of God at work in your life! 

In the Casting Stress & Anxiety Workshop, you'll:

  • Get an interactive experience where you and I fill out your worksheet together.
  • Understand why you stress and see the solution more clearly! 
  • Let go of control so that you can let God do what He does best--take care of you and those you love. 
  • Determine a concrete plan for managing your worries and anxieties without having to "fix" anything!
  • Walk away feeling 10 tons lighter! 

Are you ready? Ready to walk free from stress eating? Let's DIVE IN! 


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